Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This image displays an imitation or pattern by it's repetition of the same design over and over again.


This image shows two very different colors, especially for the tree that is brown. It adds the importance of the object, which contrast does making it a great image for contrast.


In this pictue you can see this woman's emotion, it shows her stress and importance making it a good display for emphasis.


This picture displays balance not only by the fact that the rocks are balanced to stand, but the image as a whole is balanced. The objects and color are both very balanced to give us a pleasingly whole picture.


Variety has no one main focus in a picture, it is multiple images that are indistinctly observable. This picture displays this, there are multiple objects that are indistinct.


Unity really shows the state of being 1, single thing. I picked this picture because the rose is alone and single, it is the main and only focus of the picture, making it a good display of unity.


Movement shows the thought of someone moving. In this picture because of this mans position you can conclude that he is practicing his swing before he hits the ball, this picture shows the golfer's movement.


This picture display all of the colors of the rainbow, red, orange, green, yellow, blue, and violet. These are the main colors we know and use all of the time, we will also mix these to create more colors, so this picture displays all color.


Texture shows the quality of roughness in an object or an image so i thought that this rough rock is a perfect display of texture.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Form is a combination of shape, shading, texture and color. In this picture we are able to see the form of these spheres because of this so i picked these pieces of play dough, which can also take other forms.


I picked this illustration to display the line element because it shows how lines, curved or straight, are put together to create an image or a shape.


I chose this cookie cutter because cookie cutters are meant to transfer SHAPES onto cookies, so it displays what a shape is.


I picked this ball that shows the light and dark values to correspond to the definition of value.


For space i chose to do a huge white space. I did this because when i think of space i think of emptiness, a space which needs to be fill. It is blank. Space is open for anything, and to me this white blank shows this.