Friday, April 17, 2009

Black and white questions

1) An optical element (the lens), a chemical element (the film) and a mechanical element (the camera body itself).

2) The single-lens-reflex (SLR) camera is a camera where the photographer sees exactly the same image that is exposed to the film and can adjust everything by turning dials and clicking buttons, it provides an excellent image and uses no electricity.

3) The aperture limits the amount of light that can enter the camera.

4) The shutter speed controls how much light will enter the camera causing a picture to be light or dark, depending on how it is preferred.

5) You must balance the size of the aperture, the shutter speed and the film speed.

6) You would want to use a higher speed because that means the film is more sensative to light, causing a picture to have a clearer image.

7) A. The film is placed in developing agent that is actually a reducing agent.

B.Rinse the film with water, or by using a "stop" bath that arrests the development process.

C.The unexposed silver-halide crystals are removed in what is called the fixing bath. The fixer dissolves only silver-halide crystals, leaving the silver metal behind.

D.The film is washed with water to remove all the processing chemicals. The film strip is dried, and the individual exposures are cut into negatives.

8) Black and White film, gelatin.

9) Another light sensitive material like photographic paper.

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