Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ansel Adams

1) Ansel Adams was not a very well educated man, as he was home schooled and was able to graduate when really he was equivalent to an eighth grader. Although he was not very interested in his schoolwork Ansel did take a liking to music. He learned to play the piano, and music was thought to be his profession until photography came into the picture. Since Ansel was home schooled he was able to also find an interest in nature. From what i've read i believe this gave him huge inspiration in his photography, from when his parents gave him his first Kodak camera. When he was in his twenty's he became friends with a sierra club that did a lot of wilderness things, which lead to his real success as a photographer. In 1927 Adams made his first visualized photograph which took him on his first high trip. He was now under the influence of Albert Bender and in 1928 had his first one man exhibition in San Fran Sisco. Bender was now influencing him to continue his photograpy and transforming Ansel into an amazing photographer. Ansel was now creating new techniques such as burning or dodging, which gave his photography a very unique piece to it. His stardom kept rising in the 30's as he began to do some work in New York and published his first book, "Making a Photograph." Although his stardom rose he was not financially set, especially with the great depression being involved. Before his death Ansel was defined as the american ladscape painter and photographer. He died april 22, 1984.

2) He does a lot of wilderness pictures involving valleys, or trees, really just amazing landscapes. Almost all of his photography is coming from nature and outside, something that Ansel was very passionate about.


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