Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Last Day

This class was a very interesting class to me. I felt it was a fun interesting class, but at the same time i found myself in a lot of confusion. It was kind of like being released out into the wild for the first time, I wasn't always sure what to do. I had a tough time being able to fully understand what i should be doing, not with projects but within those projects, such as how to get a certain effect or filter. There was only one thing that really didn't get me confused, and those were the 5 photoshop tutorials. Those were much more understanding, i think it's because of the information that was provided. It was nearly the only thing that had specific directions right in front of my face, so that i could make sure i was doing everything right. Although this was somewhat of a confusing class i still had a good time. I've always liked dealing with imagery and art, and this gave me the ability to do that electronically. Overall i found the class worth while because i learned a lot about photography and got to transform images into something more.

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